in Vesko Gösel's work 'Photography' remains a thematic focal point,
even if he often tries to break away from it

26.05 – 20-08.2012
curated by Alexander Basile and Alwin Lay
Co-organization: Goethe Institut, TMP

„Ferdinand Homrich und Sohn, Modell II“ will be shown at
– VOM PHOTO, an exhibition about Photography –

What is the process which lead to an image? Is it perhaps that our focus on the result has weakened the practices which lead to its production? These are the types of questions which this exhibition attempts to answer by exploring through a self-referential rhetoric the photographic medium itself. The technical and artistic dimensions of photography, the books which are considered as art objects, the relationship between photography and the cinema are the main issues which these works bring to the forefront. This group exhibition does not exclude any approach towards photography and denounces any fixed definition of the medium; in this manner it doubts certainties and conclusions and in the end invites photography itself to be redefined.