in Vesko Gösel's work 'Photography' remains a thematic focal point,
even if he often tries to break away from it

Vesko Gösel was born in Nordhausen in 1983 and studied at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne with Jürgen Klauke and Marcel Odenbach until 2008. Since 2005 he has been assisting Marcel Odenbach with his paper works in Cologne.

In 2012 he will receive a two-year water tower scholarship to Mönchengladbach. There he launched the project and the term „Änderungen Aller Art“ short ÄAA, which takes on the transformation of all kind of everyday objects. Photography remains the central theme of his artistic work, even if he increasingly tries to break away from it.

Vesko Gösel’s artworks are influenced structurally by Concrete Art and also formally by Arte Povera as he similarly reuses discarded materials for new, unforeseen purposes. The history of material as well as the function of technical equipment and tools are of particular interest to him, specifically in relation to the historical and social dimensions of photography.

His works atomize objects into components in order to reassemble them in a new context of time and space. These transformations question our everyday rote use of things, but unlike their intended purposes, they are set free from logical use.

The shape of each work evolves from a presumption of what a thing once was or could have been. Thus their essence, their language of form and material continues to relate to the actual historical use and function.