in Vesko Gösel's work 'Photography' remains a thematic focal point,
even if he often tries to break away from it

ÄAA = „transformations of all kind“  was founded in 2013 by Vesko Gösel and Philipp Königs as an artist’s residence and cultural project in Mönchengladbach. ÄAA has several meanings. Above all, it is a new design principle for dealing with our consumer world.

ÄAA works with things, that have been given by other people. The lack of usefulness of these materials unlocks ideas and makes them inventive. Through combination, recombination and the connection of objects something new arises from the old.

These works were created between 2013 and 2019 by Vesko Gösel, using discarded materials of local inhabitants:


Ätelier X  2018–2019

ÄAA #4 Giftshop  30.06.–21.07.2019

ÄAA #3  17.06.–05.08.2017

ÄAA #2  13.06.–18.07.2015

ÄAA #1 22.06–20.07.2013